About Dillon Media

Dillon Media is the manifestation of motoring journalist Ben Dillon’s passion for cars and the joy that driving brings.

From races and events in the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Australia, to driving some of the greatest roads in the world (including the iconic Nordschleife and thousands of kilometres of roads on four continents) Ben has enjoyed every minute of the adventure so far and feels extremely privileged to be a motoring journalist.

Writing for magazine such as Top Gear, Unique Cars, Octane, MOTOR, Classic and Sports Car and Street Machine to name a few, Ben has built a solid profile and extensive body of work encompassing almost every automotive and motorsport genre.

Dillon Media

About Me

As much as the advertorial ‘third person’ is the norm when introducing a business service – like freelancing – as a motoring journalist and someone who believes in the flexibility and evolution of the English language (after 10 years as an English teacher I absolutely believe it to be so), it’s nice to shatter plastic, affectatious style and just go with the honest handshake of the first person voice and explain why I am good at what I do, why I love my job and why this site exists.

I have loved cars for as many years as I’ve been walking and talking, can’t get enough of them.

It all kicked off with a faded blue Austin 1800 sedan that I appropriated from my parents at age 3 which I then flew over the house with an imaginary friend named Frank Z.

From this I went on to own cars from marques scattered around the globe, most of which leaked oil and required lots of attention, which I happily gave them, along with persuasive kicks when the bastards didn’t want to start.

The second part of why I went into journalism is I love challenges and ‘the chase’.

Going to the Le Mans 24hr, the Nurburgring 24hr and Goodwood Festival of Speed while also interning for 2 weeks as part of my MA at the most influential car magazine in the world (evo) and doing it all off my own bat is the norm. As is chasing some poor German bloke (who didn’t mind being pulled over by an Aussie nutter to talk cars) towing a rare Auto Union 1000sp convertible which I wrote up for an Aussie mag.

Today I continue to use tools ranging from keyboard and camera to combination spanners and a MIG welder in my search for automotive perfection.

I love cars. Pure and simple.

Ben Dillon

Motoring Journalist

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  1. Les Hay says:

    Hi Ben, Les & Peter from Gayndah in Queensland (Citroen). Good to find you again, we lost your details when our computer died recently.. Thought we would Google you and, BINGO!! Would love to hear what you are up to, look forward to hearing from you soon. Les, Pete, Pam and Madeleine.

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